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v. blurred, blur·ring, blurs
1. To make indistinct and hazy in outline or appearance; obscure: The haze blurred the skyline.
2. To make dim, unclear, or cloudy: The smoke blurred my vision.
3. To cause to be intellectually indistinguishable: New thinking has blurred the divisions between disciplines.
1. To become visually indistinct: The faces blurred in the crowd.
2. To be unclear or clouded: His vision blurred as the drug took effect.
3. To become intellectually indistinguishable: TV commercials and shows seem to blur into one another.
Something that is hazy and indistinct to the sight or mind.

[Probably akin to Middle English bleren, to blear.]

blur′ri·ness n.
blur′ry adj.
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(ˈblɜr i)

adj. -ri•er, -ri•est.
blurred; indistinct.
blur′ri•ly, adv.
blur′ri•ness, n.
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Adj.1.blurry - indistinct or hazy in outlineblurry - indistinct or hazy in outline; "a landscape of blurred outlines"; "the trees were just blurry shapes"
indistinct - not clearly defined or easy to perceive or understand; "indistinct shapes in the gloom"; "an indistinct memory"; "only indistinct notions of what to do"
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Covered by or as if by a thin coating or film:
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[ˈblɜːri] adj (= blurred) [vision, image] → flou(e)
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adj (+er) outline, photographverschwommen, unscharf; visionverschwommen; viewverschleiert
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[ˈblɜːrɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) → confuso/a, indistinto/a
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Figure 7 and Table 1 show that the proposed method is capable of restoring the blurry images caused by photon diffusion when the DFP equals the depth of target.
In fact, these chimeras are just one of the examples of science crossing the blurry line between right and wrong.
Manny Pacquiao okay despite blurry vision !-- -- Abac Cordero (The Philippine Star) - July 23, 2019 - 12:00am LOS ANGELES American trainer Freddie Roach said Manny Pacquiao experienced blurry vision during the post-fight press conference at the MGM Grand Garden Arena last Saturday.
Summary: Dubai [UAE], Jun 15 (ANI): In spite of doing well in the white-ball cricket lately, Australia ODI captain Aaron Finch admitted his chances are blurry to make it to the squad for the Ashes, beginning August 1.
Moreover, he used zoom, which ultimately resulted in him capturing a blurry photo.
'Parang blurry 'yung lahat kasi ako bilang nilolook up ko siya na artist, for me siya 'yung pinakamagaling, like no offense, like personal opinion lang,' she gushed.
Speaking at an event which was organised last Friday by health gurus of the Ghana Medical Council in Accra, the Optometrist revealed that if Diabetes is within one's system for a number of years, there is a possibility that the blood vessels may start leaking blood into the back of the eye, which is the screen where images are formed, and 'your vision would start becoming blurry, because there is a possibility that the screen (retina) would start tearing off, which is very risky.'
With added optical image stabilization (OIS) technology, the pictures or videos captured do not look blurry or noisy so that one can snap pictures of faraway objects without worrying about a blurry image.
Rather than a cylinder with one or two size/opening options, the Podium offers a host of verifiers (fixes blurry sight pins), clarifiers (fixes blurry target) and different size apertures.
Cheryl and Luke Arkless noticed something blurry in the background of their photo, taken in a pub full of memorabilia from the infamous voyage.
High fever, red spots on skin, cough, pneumonia, and blurry vision were common symptoms of measle, they added.