Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Glenarm put out a little hand, ravishingly clothed in a blush-colored glove, and laid it on the athlete's mighty arm.
"Take me to the lake, Geoffrey!" she said, with a little pleading pressure of the blush-colored hand.
She donned a blush-colored Chanel co-ord set paired with matching sunglasses, sneakers and a handbag.
al-birquq in Arabic," and, in Elio's head, intoxicated as he was with desire, apricock--had a special place too, at least one whole page, in the book, where, while a peach, larger, juicier, and blush-colored, fell completely in the sexual thralls, throes, and tensions of the book, the apricots were only "blushing with shame."
It has been revealed that there was plenty of pink hues in the venue, which included blush-colored roses and a pink cotton candy machine that was brought into the hotel.
Blush-colored flared jeans feel romantic when paired with a tie-back blouse covered with floral print.
Her attendants wore blush-colored chiffon gowns with sweetheart necklines and carried hand-tied bouquets of white phalaenopsis orchids, the bride's favorite flower.
Marilen just basked in-actually tried to cope with-all that attention, and moved around nonchalantly in her blush-colored formal dress.
Untitled operated in three zones--the small lights produced a seven-pointed star shape in an indeterminate space away from the wall on which they were placed, lit the vaguely fogged room with a soft magenta radiance, and shone a kind of inverted image on the opposite wall, where seven glowing blush-colored circles surrounded an equivalent seven-sided negative space.
The intimate jewel box of a space has only 32 seats; stepping through its arched doors is like entering an ethereal blush-colored shell.
Love Drunk is mature with a blush-colored wink, and juicy, like the part of the watermelon where red and green meet.
There was a little bit of everything, from a striped swim skirt to a billowy blush-colored gown, and that's surely the appeal of Burch's label.