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v. blus·tered, blus·ter·ing, blus·ters
1. To blow in loud, violent gusts, as the wind during a storm.
a. To speak in a loudly arrogant or bullying manner.
b. To brag or make loud, empty threats.
To force or bully with swaggering threats.
1. A violent, gusty wind.
2. Turbulence or noisy confusion.
3. Loud, arrogant speech, often full of empty threats.

[Middle English blusteren, from Middle Low German blüsteren.]

blus′ter·er n.
blus′ter·y, blus′ter·ous adj.
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Noun1.blusterer - a person who causes trouble by speaking indiscreetlyblusterer - a person who causes trouble by speaking indiscreetly
bad hat, mischief-maker, trouble maker, troublemaker, troubler - someone who deliberately stirs up trouble
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[ˈblʌstərəʳ] Nfanfarrón/ona m/f
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References in classic literature ?
IT is a dangerous thing to see anything in the sphere of a vain blusterer, before the vain blusterer sees it himself.
But it is not the danger of the noble man to turn a good man, but lest he should become a blusterer, a scoffer, or a destroyer.
I thought him the queerest old Quaker I ever saw, especially as Peleg, his friend and old shipmate, seemed such a blusterer. But I said nothing, only looking round me sharply.
He began to reassure Aouda, telling her that blusterers were never to be feared, and begged Fix to be his second at the approaching duel, a request which the detective could not refuse.
Such threats Vented in anger oft, are blusterers, An idle breath, forgot when sense returns.
Open the street door, Judy; put these blusterers out!
When a bigoted blusterer tells you he intends to force members of a religious minority to register with the authoritiesmuch like those friends and family of Siegfried's who stayed behind were forced to do before their horizon grew darkerbelieve him.
He's a deal-maker, blusterer and serial mind-changer.
Banks is an evasive blusterer caught selling a pig in a poke, the demons he unleashed including the naked racism of the infamous "Breaking Point" A-refugees poster unveiled on the morning Far Right terrorist Thomas Mair killed Labour MP Jo Cox.
Bet she's looking forward to a weekend playing perfect host to the gaffeprone blusterer.
If there is a touch of the blusterer in you at times, it might come out today.