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Interestingly, the combination of any two surveys generally explained the third better than individual surveys alone, with the exception that the University of Michigan survey explained the Conference Board measure slightly better alone than in combination with the ABC News/Money poll.
The most recent quarterly Conference Board measure of CEO confidence is at its lowest point since the inception of the index in 1976, and has fallen below 30 for only the second time in history.
Voters will have a chance tonight to see how the two candidates running for the school board measure up during the only live-televised forum scheduled before the July 20 election.
Through these contracts, NCS is helping the State Board measure student achievement," said Gary Mainor, Vice President of NCS' Measurement Services Division.
1) fbm: one foot board measure corresponds to one square foot of lumber one inch thick.
The average lumber prices realized by Slocan during the first half of 1995 were approximately $85 per thousand feet board measure (mfbm) lower than the forecast level anticipated in preparing the forecast published in February.
The annual capacity of the sawmills and the planing mill is 80 million foot board measure (f.
The EPC9086 board measures 2 x 2 and contains a 30 V, 15 A EPC2111 enhancement-mode gallium nitride half bridge in combination with the recently introduced PE29102 gate driver from Peregrine Semiconductor.