board of education

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board of education

n. pl. boards of education
A school board.
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board′ of educa′tion

an appointive or elective body that directs and administers chiefly primary and secondary public schools.
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Noun1.board of education - a board in charge of local public schoolsboard of education - a board in charge of local public schools
board - a committee having supervisory powers; "the board has seven members"
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Fettered immovably so as to remove all possibility of danger, they are placed in the class rooms of our Infant Schools, and there they are utilized by the Board of Education for the purpose of imparting to the offspring of the Middle Classes that tact and intelligence of which these wretched creatures themselves are utterly devoid.
When she was fifteen she went to live in Winesburg with the family of Albert Hardy, who had a store for the sale of buggies and wagons, and who was a member of the town board of education.
It appears that his father, while lecturing in Boston, had mentioned Graham's exploits with a class of deaf-mutes; and soon afterward the Boston Board of Education wrote to Graham, offering him five hundred dollars if he would come to Boston and introduce his system of teaching in a school for deaf-mutes that had been opened recently.
Hilbery was mounting the steps, and Ralph was left in too acute an irritation by this further delay even to speculate what errand took her now to the Board of Education. He was about to jump from the carriage and take a cab, when Mrs.
22, in the Anne Koller Board of Education Meeting Room at the G.A.
Addressing a press conference, Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood on Thursday said that on the basis of this decision, the Federal Board of Education would award certificates to successful candidates of Matric and Intermediate level at Madrassas.
"I've known both Estela Hernandez and Jennifer Monies for years and know they are both successful and capable women who are more than qualified to serve on the State Board of Education," Treat said.
Texas' State Board of Education has received national attention for an upcoming fight over whether to keep creationist language that challenges evolution in Texas' science curriculum standards.
The newly elected (voluntary) members of the Board of Education are dedicated, passionate and hard-working people who aim to build on existing standards to provide excellent training for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and the FHP course.
The Board of Education has started an initiative to develop and provide online services for students as well as education providers, called Oppijan e-services.
Vacations of the employees of Board of Education have been cancelled, and the employees who were on vacations have been ordered to come back on duty.
Exactly how Crew and the investment board will mesh with existing authorities, including the state Board of Education, remains to be seen - but it's clear that Castillo's position is becoming superfluous.

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