boarding ramp

board′ing ramp`

a movable staircase providing passengers and crew with access to the cabin of an aircraft.
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The boarding ramp was extended to 40 meters in width and 300 meters in length.
AN innovative aircraft boarding ramp which was designed and built in the Midlands has secured a major order from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in the US.
Additionally, IndiGo today is the only Indian airline with a 'boarding ramp' in India.
An internal ladder and boarding ramp allow for easy entry, and when onboard an innovative surface design helps retain body heat in the raft.
Butler says the boarding ramp is made of sturdy high-strength aluminum with a no-slip surface and rails to prevent a wheel going off the ramp.
The engine caught fire as the plane was disengaging from the boarding ramp.
Among those carrying their seabags up the boarding ramp were a couple of Sailors who were deep in conversation.
The roof fell on to a waiting area in the futuristic, cylindrical terminal that sits on pylons, pulling down the outer walls and crashing through a boarding ramp and on to several parked cars below.
A front boarding ramp provides access to a beach or a boat launching area.
The boat, on the Coventry Canal, has a hydraulic boarding ramp and can accommodate wheelchairs.
There he stood, now 68, waiting at the Eersel boarding ramp. No words can describe that moment; we clasped hands and embraced.
Cornelius Scipio Asina, who was captured by the Carthaginians off the Lipari islands (spring 260); aware of Roman naval deficiencies, he invented a combined grappling hook and boarding ramp, the corvus (crow), to maximize superior Roman skills in hand-to-hand fighting; led the fleet, equipped with the new weapon, into combat with the Carthaginian fleet off Mylae, and won a resounding victory over his surprised opponents (summer/autumn 260); celebrated the first naval triumph, during which the rostrum (beak), composed of captured bronze ship rams, was set up in the Forum; chosen censor (258) and later served as dictator to settle an electoral dispute (231).