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board sailor n.


(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) another name for windsurfing
ˈboardˌsailor n


(ˈbɔrdˌseɪ lɪŋ, ˈboʊrd-)
the sport of sailing a boat that has no cockpit, as in windsurfing.
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The beachfront is the venue for top boardsailing championships and features a long promenade and pier with a chance of seeing pods of dolphins at play.
Other amenities include casinos, discos and nightclubs, golf courses, boardsailing and other water sports, horses and camel riding, desert safaris and cultural and historical attractions.
5 Metre Gold Medal Dick Sargeant 1972 David Forbes/John Anderson Star Gold Medal John Cuneo/Tom Anderson/ Dragon Gold Medal John Shaw * 1976 John Bertrand Finn Bronze Medal Ian Brown/Ian Ruff 470 Bronze Medal 1984 Bruce Wylie Boardsailing Gold Medal (Exhibition Event) Chris Cairns/Scott Anderson Tornado Bronze Medal 1992 Mitch Booth/John Forbes Tornado Bronze Medal Lars Kleppich Mistral Bronze Medal 1996 Mitch Booth/Andrew Landenberger Tornado Silver Medal Colin Beashel/David Giles Star Bronze Medal 2000 Jenny Armstrong/ Belinda Stowell Women's 470 Gold Medal Tom King/Mark Turnbull Men's 470 Gold Medal Darren Bundock/John Forbes Tornado Silver Medal Michael Blackburn Laser Bronze Medal * Denotes deceased
Bosworth Water Trust, Far Coton Lane, Wellesborough Road, near Nuneaton - A 50-acre leisure park with 20 acres for dinghy, boardsailing and fishing.
The river gorge offers excellent runs for boardsailing, with 30-knot winds racing down the canyon.
The western Canadian premiers came to Gimli for their annual conference in 1994 and the World Boardsailing Championships were held there that same year.
The beaches to the right, already favored by windsurfers scooting over whitecaps, would be developed as a boardsailing beach, while the beachfront to the left and open spaces inland would be restored as wetlands and dunes.
The partners are responsible for specific aspects of the business such as sales of boards and sails; rentals; repairs and service; the boardsailing school; and the largest part of the business, sale of sportswear.