(bəʊˈtɛl) or


1. a waterside hotel catering for boating people
2. a ship that functions as a hotel
[C20: from boat + (hot)el]



a waterside hotel with dock space for persons who travel by boat.
[1955–60; b. boat and hotel]
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The city council's development management sub-committee refused permission by the Edinburgh Boatel company to park the vessels outside Boroughmuir High School -- with one councillor claiming the floating hotels could prevent parents from dropping children off at school by boat.
The Boatel is a budget hotel priced at[pounds sterling]141 for three nights- and this includes flights from Liverpool John Lennon Airport.
Over the weekend, there'll be boat rides with Boatel Party Cruises, canoeing experiences, hook a duck, classic car display, vintage bus rides, Official Silcocks Fun Fairs and Bennys Bumper Boats.
However, the formation of the compound adjective scarlet-collar, based on the compound family X-collar (Mattiello & Dressler forth.), is more predictable and less creative than the formation of a blend such as boatel [left arrow] boa(t + ho)tel [1950] 'a boat which functions as a hotel' (OED3), after the unique model motel [left arrow] mo(tor + ho)tel.
Tenders Are Invited for Supply, Purchase and Plantation of Boatel Pam, Deat Pam (Khajuri), Ficus Black, Ficus Panda, India Xmas Tarmilaya, Vad Trees, Peepal Trees, Forceriya Trees, Foxtail Pam, Peduala Trees (Asopalav), Arica Pam and Grass Logn at Various Panchayat Area in Diu District.
And the upturned boat structure which has been christened Boatel, is part of that scene.
Check-in was a breeze, with the cabin keys handed straight to us as we drove on to the ferry - or the "boatel" as the boys called it, excited about spending a night at sea.
Its site includes The Corrugated Cottage, built by the Women's Land Army in 1940, and the Boatel, a shed created from an upturned boat.
There is already a Titanicstyled barge in Albert Dock which can be rented as an apart "boatel".
The Four Sisters Boatel - - is a selfcatering barge berthed just minutes from the castle.
2 Barge holiday in the city The new luxurious Four Sisters Boatel is berthed in the heart of Edinburgh, just minutes from Princes Street and Edinburgh Castle.
Stay at the newly-renovated De Barge Boatel - a barge complete with port-holes and canal views - now a three-star hotel with a seafood restaurant.