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The number of passengers or the amount of cargo that a boat can hold.


the amount of cargo or number of people held by a boat or ship



the cargo that a boat carries.
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Noun1.boatload - the amount of cargo that can be held by a boat or ship or a freight car; "he imported wine by the boatload"
large indefinite amount, large indefinite quantity - an indefinite quantity that is above the average in size or magnitude


[ˈbəʊtləʊd] Nbarcada f
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It was a simple affair, now, to go forth in the morning and return by noon with a boatload of seals.
A boatload of people putting back came leaping out as I rushed past.
He had helped my gondolier to bring me round a boatload of furniture; and when these articles had been carried to the top of the palace and distributed according to our associated wisdom he organized my household with such promptitude as was consistent with the fact that it was composed exclusively of himself.
Turning to one of his headmen he ordered two more boatloads of warriors to the Ithaca's deck.
When the boats catch too much fish, the trust throws them overboard from Fisherman Wharf, boat-loads, and boat-loads, and boatloads of the beautiful fish.
only shipped out one boatload of 1.5 percent nickel ore with a volume of 55,000 MT at an average price of $22.50 per MT.
Today's put buying reflects expectations for dollar weakness through next Friday, which encompasses today's FOMC announcement, Friday's jobs numbers, and a boatload of other economic data.
Him giving the fingers to protesting fishermen on the Thames surrounded by a boatload of Champagne-swilling stockbrokers is one of the iconic images of the referendum campaign.
Being able to spend a boatload of cash on a player but never being accountable for your actions sounds like a great gig.
Ron, we got a boatload of positive mail about those old guns, and lots of people dusted theirs off and shot them.
Split the cost and everyone saves a boatload of cash, even if they don't save the ratepayers save PS30k!
Tiger Woods last night rued his failure to make a "boatload" of birdies despite a bogey-free 68 at the Northern Trust.