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Verb1.bob around - move up and down with no specific path; "the cork bobbed around in the pool"
bob - move up and down repeatedly; "her rucksack bobbed gently on her back"
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Our native bluebells, which droop over on their stems, bob around in the breeze giving the impression that this is a moving sea of blue flowers.
It's clear Brenda is enjoying having Bob around, although Doug is less happy about the situation.
As the player in ChronoBob, you need to manoeuvre Bob around these rotating gears (Bob has magnetic shoes).
"He has a very relaxed demeanour, nothing fazes him and he will just bob around here on Saturday and that is a big help to him getting the job done.
This week I became aware of the Floaty Baby Spa in Texas, which offers floatation devices to babies from birth to six months, allowing them a 20-minute independent bob around the pool before they are treated to a full body massage.
It forces us to hunch awkwardly through the streets, holding it like a shield against sideways rain, and bob around to avoid sticking fellow pedestrians in the eyes.
They look like little balls of dirty pink candy floss on sticks with their tiny white, pink, grey and black bodies and disproportionately long tails, as they bob around the garden.
IT'S the morning after the night before as thousands of beer cans drained by Scottish football fans bob around in one of Trafalgar Square's fountains.
Maybe it's the very parallel between Don and Bob that inspires Pete to keep Bob around. For all of his deceptiveness, Don is Pete's hero, and so far, their working relationship has served Pete rather well.
SUMMER CELEBRATION: BIRMINGHAM HIPPODROME SHARP as knives, fencers dart towards and away from one another as synchronised swimmers harmoniously bob around the stage while athletic gymnasts and basketball players prove their prowess with powerful movements.
She lived with her grandmother in Felling, she married Bob around 1959.
Funnily enough that was a fairly lively off-course race during the day with a few bob around for trap six runner Frisby Fusilier.