bob down


w>bob down

visich ducken
vt sep one’s headducken
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They struggled fiercely on the ground for a moment or two, till Tom, pinning Bob down by the shoulders, thought he had the mastery.
And, as I obeyed that last behest with all my might, without a thought of what I was doing, save that he bade me do it, I saw his hands shoot up and his head bob down, and his lithe, spare body cut the sunset as cleanly and precisely as though he had plunged at his leisure from a diver's board!
Throughout the winter, visitors can take the race bob or guest bob down the ice canal.
My mother bought me a brand new bicycle with a loan called 'hire purchase' - 50 bob down and half a crown a week in old money.
Georgia Hudspeth was one of a number of students who had to pilot the virtual bob down an icy, twisting run.
Drop a plumb bob down from the roof to the wire so you can find the approximate roof exit location.
They abseiled at the same time, with Graham just beating Bob down.
Mr Elliott, 72, of Elmcroft Road, Forest Hall, said: "We tried to track Bob down for a while and it was great news when the Chronicle found him.
A fleet of the cars were the stars of The Italian Job movie (as was Michael Caine, of course), and their sales soared back in Britain - it must have been something to do with seeing them bob down those steps in Turin.
He claims Tom Doran stands to win pounds 96,000 if his horse gallops home first and added: "I've a few bob down myself.
I wonder if some of the councillors are maybe too young to remember those days of 1969 when you had five groups for five bob down at the Mayfair.