bob up

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bob 1

v. bobbed, bob·bing, bobs
1. To move up and down: a cork bobbing on the water.
2. To grab at floating or hanging objects with the teeth: bobbed for apples.
3. To fish with a bobber.
4. To curtsy or bow.
To cause to move up and down: bobbed my head in response to the question.
1. A quick, jerky movement of the head or body.
2. A bobber used in fishing.
Phrasal Verb:
bob up
To appear or arise unexpectedly or suddenly.

[Middle English bobben, to move up and down, probably ultimately of imitative origin.]

bob 2

1. A small, knoblike pendent object, such as a plumb bob.
2. A small lock or curl of hair.
3. A haircut that hangs evenly above the shoulders, often around the chin, worn especially by women or children.
4. Informal Surgical shortening or reshaping of the nose.
5. The docked tail of a horse.
a. A bobsled.
b. A bob skate.
tr.v. bobbed, bob·bing, bobs
To cut short or reshape: bobbed her hair; had his nose bobbed.

[Middle English bobbe, cluster of fruit.]

bob 3

n. pl. bob Chiefly British
A shilling.

[Origin unknown.]
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Verb1.bob up - originate or come into being; "a question arose"
become - come into existence; "What becomes has duration"
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w>bob up

vi (lit, fig)auftauchen
vt sep he bobbed his head upsein Kopf schnellte hoch
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Both male and female lizards rise off their bellies and bob up and down, quick as a recruit slamming into the ground at the feet of a bellowing marine sergeant.
At a conspicuous spot in the territory, just dart to the top of a log or rock and bob up and down one to four times--no special effects required.