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(ˈbɒbɪˌsɒks) or


pl n, sing bobbysock
(Clothing & Fashion) ankle-length socks worn by teenage girls, esp in the US in the 1940s


or bob•by•sox

(ˈbɒb iˌsɒks)
socks that reach above the ankle and are sometimes folded down to the ankle.
[1940–45, Amer.; bobby, by association with bobby pin]
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Noun1.bobbysocks - a sock that reaches just above the anklebobbysocks - a sock that reaches just above the ankle
sock - hosiery consisting of a cloth covering for the foot; worn inside the shoe; reaches to between the ankle and the knee


bobbysox [ˈbɒbɪsɒks] NPL (US) → escarpines mpl
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Other winners among the 15 performers from 13 countries include Nicole, Loreen, Herreys, Dima Bilan, Anne-Marie David, Bobbysocks and Emmelie de Forest.
She adds: "I'm singing La Det Swinge (the Norwegian winner from 1985 which saw female duo Bobbysocks running down a flight of steps and on to the stage in perilously high heels) and we've got to go in to the audience while miming these lyrics that I don't understand as I don't speak Norwegian.
Joining Brotherhood of Man and Scooch at the show was 1973 winner Anne Marie David, Black Lace, Irish singer and Eurovision winner Johnny Logan, Linda Martin, 1985 winners Bobbysocks, Scott Fitzgerald, Irish winners Charlie McGettigan and Paul Harrington, Nicki French, and 2010 UK entry Josh Dubovie.
Now she has organised a concert at The Sage Gateshead which will feature Eurovision favourites including the first winner from 1956 Lys Assia, Anne-Marie David who won for Luxembourg in 1973, Brotherhood of Man who won for the UK in 1976, Bobbysocks who won for Norway in 1985, Scott Fitzgerald, Daz Sampson and 2011 winners Eldar and Nikki, to name a few.
GO BACK to the bobbysocks and quiffs of the early 60s with Rock and Roll musical Dreamboats and Petticoats at the Liverpool Empire.
The band that always sticks out in my mind was those two women, Bobbysocks, do you remember?
Novice 21: 1Amy Hazel, Class Act 2 Katy Bate, Brownsea Lad 3 How Bazaar, Emily Britten 4 Bobbysocks, Sue Cooper