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1. A long metal racing sled with a steering mechanism that controls the front runners and a hand brake, usually raced down a curving ice-covered course by crews of two or four riders.
a. A long sled made of two shorter sleds joined in tandem.
b. Either of these two smaller sleds.
intr.v. bob·sled·ded, bob·sled·ding, bob·sleds
To ride or race in a bobsled.

[bob + sled.]

bob′sled·der n.
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Noun1.bobsledding - riding on a bobsledbobsledding - riding on a bobsled      
sledding - the sport of riding on a sled or sleigh
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Philippine Coast Guardsmen Sid Isidro and Jeffrey De la Cruz are primed to represent the country in its bobsledding debut at the upcoming Alberta Cup Provincial Championship late next month.
From skeleton bobsledding to getting ambushed during a snow fight, kids receive a fun story that pairs winter play advice with Vampirina's special seasonal challenges in a fun story young picture book readers will enjoy.
Then, Onwumere needed to research what bobsledding was and Omeoga, unsure about her commitment, sought third and fourth opinions.
"Steven found his calling in bobsledding, but - as he himself said - he found his purpose in helping people."
Thirty years after a few men from Jamaica made bobsledding history, the Nigerian woman's bobsledding team has secured a place in the 2018 Winter Olympics.
'It's the first time they've done this, to reach out to an Asian team because they wanted to promote the sport of bobsledding in Asian countries.'
Whether shredding the backcountry in pristine wilderness, bobsledding like an Olympian, or skiing with an Olympic athlete, Utah has something for every winter sports enthusiast.
Bobsledding champion Steven Holcomb was found dead Saturday at the age of 37 at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, New York.
While you should be in good physical shape for bobsledding, no previous experience is necessary: a professional bobsled pilot will navigate the sled with you and two others, so that you don't flip over a "la Cool Runnings".
"Because I have this completely online platform, and because I have great advisors, I'm able to do everything regardless of where I am in the world," said Elana Meyers, 2014 Team USA bobsledding silver medalist and MBA student in a January New York Times story.
Quinn and his bobsledding team still are vying for a gold medal and begin their quest for an Olympic gold medal on Sunday, the report added.