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 (bŏb-wīt′, -hwīt′)
Any of several small American quails of the genus Colinus, especially the northern bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) of eastern North America.

[Imitative of its call.]
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(Animals) a brown North American quail, Colinus virginianus, the male of which has white markings on the head: a popular game bird
[C19: of imitative origin]
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(ˈbɒbˈʰwaɪt, -ˈwaɪt)

any of several small New World quails of the genus Colinus, esp. C. virginianus, having mottled plumage.
[1805–15, Amer.; imitative of its cry]
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Noun1.bobwhite - a popular North American game birdbobwhite - a popular North American game bird; named for its call
Colinus, genus Colinus - New World quail: the bobwhites
Colinus virginianus, northern bobwhite - a favorite game bird of eastern and central United States
quail - small gallinaceous game birds
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California quail and bobwhites are legal in Idaho, while Gambel's and Mountain quail are not.
And as a person recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, I take pleasure in knowing the bobwhites we raised and released are enjoying a few ticks.
Northern bobwhites, other grassland birds, monarch butterflies and Rio Grande wild turkeys are among the varieties that will benefit from the restoration efforts.
Over the years, I've done a lot of quail hunting with it, both bobwhites and western quail, and it has taken a lot of pheasants.
We captured bobwhites using funnel traps baited with cracked corn or grain sorghum (Stoddard 1931), in January, April, October and November, depending on site.
That makes our southern neighbor truly the last best place when it comes to hunting wild bobwhites. In a leisurely afternoon of following a hardworking pair of pointers, it's not unheard of to kick up a dozen or more coveys, each holding somewhere between 20 to 30 wild-flying bobwhites.
A lifelong quail hunter, his plan was to convert the former dairy farm to a wildlife oasis--one brimming with bobwhites, deer, songbirds, and other wildlife.
Results--Northern bobwhites showed a feeding preference among the 45 plant species fed to them for weight of seed consumed and percentage of seed in diet (P [less than or equal to] 0.05, F-test).
I've released one flock of Bobwhites, I learned a lot from that first batch.
Northern bobwhites (Colinus virginianus) have been in decline throughout the southeastern United States.
Research has shown that techniques such as the use of prescribed fires help create the grassland/weedy habitat bobwhites need to thrive, and through the efforts of wildlife agencies and others landowners have received information and support in adopting new land usage practices.
The quail harvest may be down this year from the nearly 1,000 birds taken last year due to a restricted number of daily quail permits, so go early if you're targeting bobwhites.