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or boc·ci or boc·cie  (bŏch′ē)
A game of Italian origin similar to lawn bowling that is played with wooden balls on a long narrow court covered with fine gravel.

[Italian bocce, pl. of boccia, ball.]
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Noun1.bocce - Italian bowling played on a long narrow dirt courtbocce - Italian bowling played on a long narrow dirt court
bowling - a game in which balls are rolled at an object or group of objects with the aim of knocking them over or moving them
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While competitions will also be held in badminton events, for both male and female (singles and doubles), table tennis (single) and bocce.
After dinner, there will be entertainment, raffles and prizes or you can relax and play a game of bocce or cornhole.
Caption: ON THE BALL: (Above left) Ben throws a bocce ball during a state competition; (right) Ben meets with Anthony from the Department of Transportation to discuss crosswalk warning systems for his commute.
Coaches Andrea Manson (assistant head of delegation), Karen Robertson (athletics head coach), Ling Mann (bocce head coach) and Sandra Proudfoot (lead safeguarding and welfare officer) also played key team roles.
Bocce, a centuries-old game, was, therefore, the best bet since all she needed was a partner to form a team, which the team from the Special Olympics calls a unified pair.
Other silver medalists were Maria Theresa Colina (Rhythmic Gymnastics - Hoop), Alden Jimenez (Athletics - 200m run), James Del Rosario (Athletics - 200m run), Lemuel Batiloy (Badminton), Ryan Hasim (Bocce), Anna Ildesa, (Bowling), Cyrus Floyd Losbanes and Lemuel Batiloy (Badminton Doubles) and Joanna Yabes (Powerlifting - 2 medals).
Victorious UAE bocce team pose for a group picture.
The first tournament in bocce was held on December 14, 2014, the second - on December 18, 2015, the third - on December 14, 2016, the fourth - on November 24, 2017.
Volo City launched in 2010 as a Baltimore bocce league with 16 members.
Chair of the Special Olympics Bocce Sports Resource Team Mike Ryan said inflatable "Packabocce" courts have been "a revelation" for the sport since their initial production.
The late-fall event at the University of Maryland brought together more than 60 children with disabilities and young adults ages 8 to 21 and paired them with opportunities to try up to four adaptive sports including bocce, cycling, kayaking and sitting volleyball.