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Her remarks were filled with local references, including the indulgences she shared with then-boyfriend Bill Clinton, the future president: green enchiladas, Shiner Bock beer and mango ice cream.
It's a rich bock beer brewed with ginger and cinnamon with a citrus note from orange peel.
Gibraltar are expected to play their games in Portugal, where Sagres and Super Bock beer are super cheap.
to develop the line of beers, which so far consists of the year-round Pigpen Pilsner and Pigtail Ale, and Christmas seasonal Seven Swines 'a Swigging, a bock beer flavored with allspice that pairs well with most holiday foods, including baked ham and even pies.
SPRING BOCK The brewers of the German bock beer style obviously knew all about the British weather.
It was first brewed by monks as a lower-alcohol bock beer and was regarded as 'liquid bread.
Paper--Top Coated: Inland Label & Marketing Services -- Shiner Bock Beer Face Label
The brewery is also supplying a selection of bottled refreshment from its award-winning catalogue of beers and lagers, including the 8% Birthday Bock Beer and the Fine Raisin Beer.
TEN lucky ECHO readers have each won a case of Toxteth brewer Cains' new 8% strength Double Bock beer in our recent competition.
BOO BEE: (Titillating Thai lemon drink) and AASS BOCK beer from Norway (it's rear-ly good).
According to Catholic News Service (March 8, 1999), a legend that dates to the 1700s says "the pope was asked to grant German monks permission to brew and drink bock beer during times of fasting.