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1. Remarkable; impressive: "a bodacious amount of smoke" (Springfield MA Morning Union).
2. Sexually attractive. Used chiefly of women.
3. Audacious; gutsy: "Both major studios and small, scruffy independents ... started turning out cheaply made, bodacious, and hyperreal action pictures" (Martha Southgate).

[Probably from dialectal boldacious, blend of bold and audacious.]

bo·da′cious·ly adv.


slang in a bodacious manner
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It closes with Congressman William W Wick, as quoted in the Congressional Globe In July 1840: "The administration is bodaciously used up, teetotaciously exflunctified." It's a delight to know some words are no longer with us.
And whatever the fare--from traditional trapeze to the bodaciously brassiered, hairy bare-bellied Beckman--parents take the kids.
* Action-oriented pics include Set It Off (New Line, $14.98), with Queen Latifah as a bodaciously butch lesbian bank robber.