body check

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or body check  (bŏd′ē-chĕk′)
A check, as in ice hockey, in which a player impedes another with the body.

bod′y·check′ v.

bod′y check`

Ice Hockey.
an obstructing or impeding with the body of the movement or progress of an opponent.
bod′y-check`, v.t., v.i.
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On the basis of these results, the EAT-L group had little motivation to body check and monitor their eating behavior, owing to indifference, whereas the EAT-M group cared about their body image in daily life, and the body-checking habit brought them reassurance and confidence.
1) Furthermore, learning to body check in this age group provides limited protective effect when players graduate to the 13-14 year old age group (Bantam).
Mula body check hanggang sa mga dala nila binubusisi nating maigi yan.
Indeed, nothing beats a full body check, but the developers believe that using the gadget will allow skipping nearly half of routine health checks.
Check, check and check (just don't body check him into a locker bank .
About 30 minutes later, a person in charge of security checks informed a superior about having allowed someone who claimed to be a police officer to go through the security area without a body check, they said.
The 15-point check-up includes the inspection of -Wipers, Lamps, Power-Window System, Heating/Ventilation/ Air- Conditioning/Defogger System, Remote control Check for central lock, Mud Flap Alignment, Interior Check, Rust Check, Dents Check, Under- Body Check, Battery Terminals Check, 3 View Mirrors Check, Road Test, Tyre Check and Insurance Status Check.
The move ground to a halt after six phases of flowing rugby, only to be called back for a penalty awarded after a body check on Hogg moments earlier.
Youths who were permitted to body check during games were more than three times as likely to be injured as those who were not allowed to body check, and this was the case not only for all injuries, but for concussions as well.
He increased Estudiantes' lead eight minutes into the second half before Brazilian striker Denilson pulled one back in the 71st when the Koreans were already down to 10 men, Hwang having been sent off for a second booking after a body check on wing Maxi Nunez.
Passersby filmed and published both incidents, the Times Square bicycle body check alone getting 1.