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Verb1.body guard - accompany and protect from physical harm
protect - shield from danger, injury, destruction, or damage; "Weatherbeater protects your roof from the rain"
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Brown's conduct (wife of Brown of the Ahmednuggur Irregulars) had been with young Swankey of the Body Guard, sitting up with him on deck until all hours, and losing themselves as they were riding out at the Cape; how Mrs.
Swankey of the Body Guard himself, that dangerous youth, and the greatest buck of all the Indian army now on leave, was one day discovered by Major Dobbin tete-a-tete with Amelia, and describing the sport of pig-sticking to her with great humour and eloquence; and he spoke afterwards of a d--d king's officer that's always hanging about the house--a long, thin, queer-looking, oldish fellow--a dry fellow though, that took the shine out of a man in the talking line.
"Then, Omby Amby," said she, "I promote you to be Captain General of all the armies of my kingdom, and especially to be Commander of my Body Guard at the royal palace."
They are the devil's body guard, and if the soldiers of any army are as faithful as they are, their commanders are well served.
The Captain commanding this troop -- which was Glinda's private Body Guard -- recognized the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman at once, and greeted them with respectful salutations.
``These twenty nobles,'' he said, ``which, with the bugle, thou hast fairly won, are thine own; we will make them fifty, if thou wilt take livery and service with us as a yeoman of our body guard, and be near to our person.
I'm the King of Beasts, you know, and the Hungry Tiger and I serve Princess Ozma as her body guards."
Already three witnesses, led by the former governor's personal assistant Josphat Mwangi Maina and two body guards, Corporal Peter Mwaniki Maigua and Corporal Samson Lekol have testified.
Life insurance does not guarantee that you will live, and by the way, neither does hiring a body guard. But life insurance, unlike a body guard, can protect your loved ones against the perils of losing financial support from you once you are called from this life.
ALWAYS ON OUR MIND: Cynthia Pepper, who co-starred with Elvis in the movie Kissin' Cousins, Sam Thompson, body guard and close friend of Elvis and Charles Stone, Elvis Presley's tour producer, at The Beatles Story
Shatah and four others, including his body guard, were killed and at least 75 others were injured in the bomb attack.