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Noun1.body length - the length of your body
linear measure, linear unit - a unit of measurement of length
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Analyses considered separately each response variable (body length, body dry mass, lipid mass, muscle mass, lipid/muscle ratio and melanization response) and included the following predictive variables: Species identity, Altitude and Sex, plus the triple interaction Species/Altitude/ Sex.
There was an overlap in the range of body length between the adjacent instars of B.
The weekly data were recorded on the body length of three Teddy male kids in each group and the average results are indicated in Table 5.
Objective: To assess the effect of glucose on body length and body weight of chick embryos.
Certain frogs can jump over twenty times their own body length.
The South American spider - one of the world's largest - can have a leg span of up to 11 inches and a body length up to 4.7 inches.
The absorbent body defines an absorbent body length and a first opening the first opening having an opening length that is at least 50% the absorbent body length, the first opening defining, a first longitudinal centerline and a first lateral centerline, an anterior portion having a median anterior portion width, a posterior portion having a median posterior portion width, and a central portion positioned between the anterior portion and the posterior portion and having a median central portion width, wherein the median anterior portion width is greater than the median central portion width and the median central portion width is greater than the median posterior portion width.
On average, they have a body length of 49.4 centimetres (19.45 inches), a study found.
Standard methods of study of the physical development of children were used: measurements of body length, body weight, and chest circumference.
Raccoons' body length ranges from around 20-40 inches, much of that made of their tail.
The pangolin was then carefully put down with only its front body touching the ground and the pangolin's tail and body length were measured.