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Noun1.body length - the length of your body
linear measure, linear unit - a unit of measurement of length
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Important facts such as animal body length are included and difficult terms such as "arboreal" are clearly defined.
Such needs could include the ability to teach the entire truck body length without repositioning the machine; the ability to feed scrap processing equipment from a larger stockpile; and the ability to stack scrap material higher when needed in light of the yard's space limitations.
When we ended the class, several students still were not at a point of consensus about their body length, so I decided to use one more class session to explore their findings.
with full-steel-cage construction and a body length no longer than an ex tended van, the Van Terra features a 28"-wide bus-style electric entrance door, 73" of interior headroom, and an 18"-wide center aisle.
Body length is between 18cms and 24cm and tail is 17cm.
The antennae also measure about half its body length.
Measurements of total body length, tail length, hind foot length, head and ear length was recorded.
1), four measurements were taken with a pair of dividers and a ruler calibrated to 1 mm: antennal length, uropod length, body length (excluding antennae and uropods), and total specimen length (including antennae and uropods).
As further evidence, Roberts cites the carnivore's short intestinal tract, which reaches about three times its body length.
Use this formula: heart girth x heart girth x body length, divide by 300 = weight in pounds.
With a body length of just 45mm, the Ti2 range from Bernstein is more than 15mm shorter than standard DIN 50047 limit switches, allowing significant space-saving to be achieved when using this switch.
In the last couple of years scientists have realized that marine iguanas are doing something once thought impossible in the natural world: When their food source is particularly low, the animals shrink, sometimes as much as 20 percent of their body length.