body mike

body mic

or body mike
A small wireless microphone worn inconspicuously or hidden on the body, as by a performer or announcer, so as to allow freedom of movement.
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bod′y mike`

a small, wireless microphone worn inconspicuously, as by a performer.
bod′y-mike`, v.t. -miked, -mik•ing.
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Sonny has been so busy trying to locate the body Mike (Max Gail) buried that he has had no choice but to trust his son is smart enough not to get killed by his fiancee. 
Mourinho 'congratulated' referee Mike Dean and the head of the refereeing body Mike Riley.
At another point, when a technician came on stage and fussily adjusted his body mike, Wiesel quipped: "Lecturing is much easier." Wearing a small, black kipa, tapping his toes, and gesturing with his arms like the choir director he was, for a short time, after his liberation from Auschwitz, Wiesel, in a sweet but shaky voice, channeled the Hasidic niggunim he learned at the court of the Vizhnitz Rebbe.
If Boatin were wearing a body mike, you might hear him mumble, 'Oh no!
A man's plastic suit crinkled, amplified by an invisible body mike, as he danced.
"It's not my job to investigate these rumours involving a body Mike German used to work for which may or may not be true".
In addition to tape-recording the conversation using a hidden device in his briefcase, Harrington also wore a 'body mike'.
Handsome in a claret velvet jacket and wearing a body mike, Plummer begins his narration with the play's prologue and then incorporates much of Henry's dialogue.
Set (tech credits are unlisted) is in keeping with the TV infomercial ambience, and the sound system was sharp enough to pick up Gray's nonstop brushing and bumping of his body mike. 'What the world needs today is love," Gray says at the close of his show.
While each of the four police cars at the scene was equipped with video and audio dash cameras, and the officers had body mikes, Gilde noted none had been turned on during the incident.
While they were wearing body mikes, the nuance of anything they said was lost, because the audience could not see the emotions on the actors' faces.
The boxes around the front of the stage hid the floor microphones, which were essential because of the theatre's poor acoustics (and long before the age of body mikes).