body mike

body mic

or body mike
A small wireless microphone worn inconspicuously or hidden on the body, as by a performer or announcer, so as to allow freedom of movement.

bod′y mike`

a small, wireless microphone worn inconspicuously, as by a performer.
bod′y-mike`, v.t. -miked, -mik•ing.
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Mourinho 'congratulated' referee Mike Dean and the head of the refereeing body Mike Riley.
If Boatin were wearing a body mike, you might hear him mumble, 'Oh no
A man's plastic suit crinkled, amplified by an invisible body mike, as he danced.
It's not my job to investigate these rumours involving a body Mike German used to work for which may or may not be true".
He added that he was "unaware" of the subsequent whereabouts of the tape from his body mike, which he had replayed shortly after his meeting with Osborne.
No body mike ever nested in the ruffles of her taffeta gowns.
While they were wearing body mikes, the nuance of anything they said was lost, because the audience could not see the emotions on the actors' faces.
Director Tim Dang compensates for his subject's lack of heart by bombarding the audience with nonstop spectacle - songs by composer Nathan Wang and lyricist Aaron Coleman, most of them performed at the same breakneck speed and loud, loud, loud (thanks in part to body mikes that make every sigh and swallow rumble like a simmering volcano).
The show also has some sound problems, as if there were dead spots, or body mikes were cutting out, usually when actors are just speaking.
With a flat stage, and wooden back-drop wall, was it totally necessary to use body mikes, with their attendant occasional distortions?
There were, for example, 52 microphones in the orchestra alone, while body mikes were woven into the wigs or head-dresses of all the soloists.
Three percussionists will play the paper instruments, wearing body mikes to amplify their blowing on, singing through and tearing paper.