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Noun1.body of work - the total output of a writer or artist (or a substantial part of it); "he studied the entire Wagnerian oeuvre"; "Picasso's work can be divided into periods"
end product, output - final product; the things produced
writing - (usually plural) the collected work of an author; "the idea occurs with increasing frequency in Hemingway's writings"
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This exhibition celebrated the 10th year of this remarkable artistic duo's collaboration by displaying an entirely new body of work, which delves carefully into societal practices and critical narratives.
Published in association with The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, "Zoe Leonard: Survey" brings audiences up to date on her impressive body of work and accompanies a long-awaited retrospective exhibition of her work.
David Hallberg adds "published author" to his list of accomplishments this month with the release of A Body of Work: Dancing to the Edge and Back.
The focus of the exhibition is less a showcase of Warhol's body of work and more an immersive experience of the artist's essence, with Cadillac's being the theme of each work featured.
Los Angeles, CA, May 01, 2017 --( URBANSCAPE, the newest body of work by award-winning fine art photographer Richard S.
I cannot tell you five things that make my exhibition great, but I can tell you i am proud to be able to produce a whole body of work to put my name to, where each piece is sincere and truthful to what I was trying to achieve.
Alanis Morissette is back in the public eye for the first time since becoming a mother and parenthood has influenced much of the 'You Oughta Know' singer's new body of work one way or another.
No matter where you are in your art career, there are important things you can do today to ensure that your body of work will succeed you well into the future (and well beyond your lifetime).
The honour recognises the Cardiff-born writer's body of work which culminated in the collection A Recipe for Water, published in 2009.
An acclaimed artist who gives the term "body of work" a new meaning is to host her first exhibition this weekend.