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Noun1.body pad - a pad worn by hockey goalkeeper
protective garment - clothing that is intended to protect the wearer from injury
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Tuckable design with body pad made of synthetic materials, including edge-bound neoprene and ballistic nylon.
The body pad is built from edge bound neoprene, ballistic nylon and other synthetic materials, while the formed holster component is precision thermo-molded from sturdy Kydex[R] sheet.
Dab a generous glob of hot glue on the upper body pad, dampening your fingertips to form the upper carapace.
Available in two sizes, the ChiliGel body pad measures approximately three feet in length and is suitable for use on mattresses, couch cushions and office chairs.
The American trainer has been using a body pad for protection and joked he needs body armour to resist Khan's heavy hands.
It strikes Lee's body pad with a hugely satisfying loud bang that echoes around the gym.