body piercing

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body piercing


bod′y pierc`ing

the piercing of a part of the body other than the ear, as the navel, in order to insert an ornamental ring or stud.

bod·y pierc·ing

n. perforación con un objeto metálico o plástico de una parte del cuerpo.
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The Sangguniang Bayan of Kalibo is eyeing to regulate body piercing and body tattoo in both adults and minors.
If your child is under 18 years of age and receives an intimate body piercing after February 1 in Wales, it is viewed as a criminal offence.
Recognizing potential health risks, the Quezon City government has approved an ordinance seeking to regulate the operations of tattoo and body piercing establishments.
com, as an informational portal that features educational resources about permanent makeup and body piercing services offered by WakeUp With Makeup, a gallery of completed projects, special offers, as well as news and other updates from the WakeUp With Makeup team.
Police who raided Sam Turton's home found body piercing jewellery and a mobile phone belonging to prisoners, a jury was told.
In Body Piercing and Tattooing: Making Smart Choices, readers are given a healthy mix of information about tattooing and piercings, as well as questions one might ask themselves before they make commitments to changing their bodies.
Summary: DUBAI -- Doctors have urged youngsters to refrain from tattooing and body piercing, as new numbers suggest that approximately 9.
The technique gives the advantage of a flexible, soft, nonconductive substitute to a body piercing.
NEW advice is on hand for people in Middlesbrough looking to have a tattoo or body piercing done.
NEW controls over body piercing and tattooing will protect County Durham consumers.
Recent fashion trends for body piercing and skin colouring also pose the same potential health risks.