body plethysmograph

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Noun1.body plethysmograph - plethysmograph consisting of a chamber surrounding the entire body; used in studies of respiration
plethysmograph - a measuring instrument for measuring changes in volume of a part or organ or whole body (usually resulting from fluctuations in the amount of blood it contains)
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On the basis of the type, the market is segmented into spirometry, gas diffusion test, body plethysmograph, bronchial provocation test, and others.
PFTs were recorded in both the groups at baseline, after 4 weeks and 8 weeks using M.E.C PFT body plethysmograph station.
Airways resistance to increasing concentrations of methacholine was determined by the double-chambered whole body plethysmograph and reported as lung resistance (RL, cm[H.sub.2]O x [s.sup.-1] x [mL.sup.-1]).
The Penh index represents the OVA-induced AHR to methacholine, which was measured in mice from control, asthma, vehicle-treated, and suramin-treated groups using a body plethysmograph. Values represent the means [+ or -] SEM (n = 3~5).
Spirometric tests were performed at rest before exercise using a body plethysmograph (Sensor Medics V6200 Auto box; Sensor Medics Co., California, USA).
To analyze the AHR, methacholine-induced airflow obstructions from conscious mice that were placed in a whole body plethysmograph (model PLY 3211, Buxco Electronics, Troy, NY, USA) were performed, and the dimensionless parameter known as enhanced pause (Penh) was measured as previously described [19].