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Noun1.body type - a category of physique
body-build, build, physique, habitus - constitution of the human body
asthenic type, ectomorphy - slender, weak, and lightweight
endomorphy, pyknic type - round, fat, and heavy
athletic type, mesomorphy - muscular and big-boned
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Participants' perceptions of their own body type, their ideal body type, and society's ideal body type were assessed using the nine adult figure drawings.
but this is an ectomorphic body type. It's in fashion.
Most important of all, the very premise of a black body type is suspect to begin with.
She added that every body type is different and subject to factors like genetics.
But ensure you choose one which flatters your body type and which looks suitable for the place you may be heading to.
My body type is straight, which means I have to work really hard to keep a tiny waist.
Negative ease works better on her rectangle body type. Laura is tall enough to handle the longer garment, and its A-line shape looks great on her triangle body type.
Bonus exercise tips for each body type round out the solid self-improvement program, which utilizes no equipment other than light hand weights and a mat.
The 9-year-old dating site is now allowing its A-list members to filter their prospects by 'body type' for a 4.95 dollars to 10 dollars monthly fee, and offers 10 body-type choices, such as 'thin', 'skinny', 'overweight' and even 'used up', the New York Post reported.
"During consultation, while reading the pulse, I evaluate the body type, which is the most important aspect," Chandy explains.