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Noun1.body waste - waste matter (as urine or sweat but especially feces) discharged from the bodybody waste - waste matter (as urine or sweat but especially feces) discharged from the body
faecal matter, faeces, fecal matter, feces, ordure, BM, dejection, stool - solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels
fecula - excreta (especially of insects)
wormcast - cylindrical mass of earth voided by a burrowing earthworm or lugworm
human waste - the body wastes of human beings
pee, piddle, urine, weewee, water - liquid excretory product; "there was blood in his urine"; "the child had to make water"
barf, vomit, vomitus, puke - the matter ejected in vomiting
waste, waste material, waste matter, waste product - any materials unused and rejected as worthless or unwanted; "they collect the waste once a week"; "much of the waste material is carried off in the sewers"
guano - the excrement of sea birds; used as fertilizer
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"I visited him twice a day at the hospital, cleaned him, and collected and disposed of his body waste," explains Jane, "but what did I get in return?
Why not consider the spittle and all the body waste discharges impure?
The doctors, nurses and paramedical staff have been instructed to take preventive measures while treating suspected Congo patients and contaminated needles, surgical instruments and body waste material should be safely disposed of using appropriate decontamination procedures.
* Dialysis equipment for continuous or intermittent dialysis to relieve patients of excess fluid or body waste
I'll never forget Gladys, a wickedly sharp-witted 94-year-old resident who confided to me, "You die either from the head down or the feet up." She was definitely in the latter group, as her exquisite mind ruefully observed her bedridden body waste away.
Now, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Energy and Safety Technology UMSICHT have developed the "biobattery" that takes in a wide variety of biomass, such as food waste, lawn clippings, coffee grounds, and even human body waste, and puts out electricity, heat, bio-oil, biogas, and vegetable carbon.
The many shapes, shadows and images, become one solid mass , a congealed body , united in despair and fear, and glued tightly with their own body waste.
They aren't picky about their cuisine, either: Mice and rats are just as happy with garbage, body waste or pet food as they are with people food, and if none of the above is handy, they'll happily resort to cannibalism.
Graham said it was the stress she was under that caused Cheryl to suffer a rare condition during her pregnancy that saw the cartilage between the bones in her body waste away, leaving her "literally a bag of bones".