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Noun1.body weight - the weight of a person's body
weight - the vertical force exerted by a mass as a result of gravity
reporting weight - a person's body weight (as an athlete's) at the beginning of the season (when first reporting for practice)
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As such ensures stability of centre of body weight on X axis, providing stable working condition for bending knee and raising leg as well as buckling knee and erecting hip.
Researchers from the Department of Cardiology, Taizhou People's Hospital, Taizhou, China, combined the findings of 25 randomized human trials investigating the impact of probiotic consumption on body weight and BMI in more than 1,900 healthy adults.
It has been reported that maintaining sow body weight throughout reproductive cycle is more important than fixing this parameter at breeding or late gestation (Kummer, 2008).
As the genetic science progressively brings in each successive generation of broilers with higher body weight gain and reduced feed conversion ratios, it becomes more and more difficult, but critical to maintain the body weights of the breeder stock within the levels stipulated for the breed.
If there is an etiologic link between major depression and body weight among adolescents, it most likely operates through processes involving components of body image, since controlling for body image eliminated the association between depression and obesity.
Lead author Professor Margaret Campbell of the University of Colorado said: "We weren't sure whether kids would be aware of body weight norms.
The regression of body weight on different body measurements easily measureable, is usually a method of choice for prediction of body weight.
Of the 47 patients, 31 received 6 mg/kg daptomycin based on actual body weight (actual body weight group) and 16 received 6 mg/kg daptomycin based on adjusted body weight (defined as 0.
The findings, Lowe says, show that researchers and clinicians need to start taking into account how a person's historical and current body weight contribute to disordered eating.
The objective of the current study was to analyze the effects of shell morphological traits on body weight of reciprocal hybrid abalone.
To independently assess the effect of the intensive phase of treatment on body weight, the paired t-test was carried out between PTB-0 and PTB-2.
with no strict control of food intake), reduced intake of dietary sugars was associated with a decrease in body weight (0.