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also bod·y-board (bŏd′ē-bôrd′)
A very short surfboard, typically having a straight front end and no fins and ridden by lying on one's chest.
intr.v. bod·y·board·ed, bod·y·board·ing, bod·y·boards also bod·y-board·ed or bod·y-board·ing or bod·y-boards
To surf on a bodyboard.

bod′y·board′er n.


(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) a surfboard that is shorter and blunter than the standard board and on which the surfer lies rather than stands. Also called: boogie board
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Dressed in wetsuits and carrying body-boards, the princes took time out for some brotherly bonding in Cornwall.
PRINCE OF Z TIDES William splashes in the surf BEACH BOY 3 Harry masters the body-board WALES OF A TIME Fun in the sun for Harry and William
He had just left Burghead when he heard a Coastguard alert that three kids were being swept out to sea on body-boards.
In her practical studies she came across neoprene, a versatile synthetic rubber used in making wetsuits and body-boards.