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also bod·y-board (bŏd′ē-bôrd′)
A very short surfboard, typically having a straight front end and no fins and ridden by lying on one's chest.
intr.v. bod·y·board·ed, bod·y·board·ing, bod·y·boards also bod·y-board·ed or bod·y-board·ing or bod·y-boards
To surf on a bodyboard.

bod′y·board′er n.


(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) a surfboard that is shorter and blunter than the standard board and on which the surfer lies rather than stands. Also called: boogie board
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umlaut]te Bodyboard est apparu en premier sur ALBAYANE .
Height restriction: At least 107cm tall to ride a bodyboard, and at least 132cm tall to stand up surf.
The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global bodyboard market for 2016-2020.
With our bodyboards and wet suits safely stowed in the boot, we had decided to check out the waves for the day at Manorbier beach in West Wales.
At the entrance of the text ("With bodyboard poised/ My sun-brown self stands on tiptoe where the swells rise"), the pattern changes to an afterbeat triplet pattern with open intervals and octaves in the bass.
trainers and bodyboard enthusiasts looking on, with tears of laughter in their eyes from my abysmal previous attempts, it felt amazing to prove that I could really do it.
Emily Louise Jordan, believed to be from Kidderminster, had been riding river rapids on a bodyboard - a sport known as river boarding.
If someone happened to answer his knock, he told the person that he was looking for the owner of a bodyboard that he bad found on the beach.
Three children and a man were also caught in the tide and PC Speakman, from Chester, used his bodyboard to launch one of the children back to shore.
sports: bodyboard, clap skate, cross-train, five hole, trash talk, wallyball
However, Bluetorch killed all of its print titles, including Wave Action, Pit Bodyboard, Wakeboard and MX Rage.
Since buying out longtime local bodyboard retailer Turbo Surf Hawaii from founder Russ Brown in May 1998, Skorge has executed a turnaround that has boosted monthly revenues 40 to 50 percent from year earlier figures.