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also bod·y-board (bŏd′ē-bôrd′)
A very short surfboard, typically having a straight front end and no fins and ridden by lying on one's chest.
intr.v. bod·y·board·ed, bod·y·board·ing, bod·y·boards also bod·y-board·ed or bod·y-board·ing or bod·y-boards
To surf on a bodyboard.

bod′y·board′er n.


(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) the sport of surfing using a bodyboard


(ˈbɒd iˌbɔr dɪŋ, -ˌboʊr-)

the water sport of surfing on a short surfboard (bod′y•board′) on which the surfer lies prone or kneels.
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A FAMILY holiday to France descended into tragedy when a former Coventry rugby star drowned while bodyboarding in the ocean.
Adrien Dubosc, 30, was bodyboarding off a beach where watersports were banned when a shark savaged his leg and groin.
A man who was bodyboarding in a restricted water area suffered a fatal shark attack on Reunion Island.
Other activities on offer at Surf Snowdonia include stand up paddle boarding, bodyboarding, the exciting Crash & Splash obstacle course and catapult blob (age 12+).
She is also the CEO of Qwikon and a board member of Best Day Foundation, an organisation that helps children with special needs build confidence and self-esteem through safe, fun, adventure activities like surfing, bodyboarding, kayaking, snow sports, and others.
LIFE really is a beach for Cameron as he goes bodyboarding for a second day his Cornish holiday.
The former Ginger Spice went bodyboarding and played table tennis.
The child was bodyboarding off Newgale North beach when she got caught in a rip current and the man swam out to help her.
Wild Spirits H2O offers the best events in extreme water sports action, among them bodyboarding and extreme sailing, in stunning locations around the world.
Sticking with the sporting theme, the family also enjoys camping holidays in Cornwall to go surfing and bodyboarding.
It was while I was sat on the beach watching the kids bodyboarding in the water that I said, 'I'm getting in there.
Taking the world title for the first time, Team UAE's Mohammad Ebrahim Darwish, Clayton Barker, Max Sokolov and Jennifer Mauherhoff showcased their world-class flowboarding and bodyboarding skills across four challenging divisions in the competition.