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intr.v. bod·y·surfed, bod·y·surf·ing, bod·y·surfs Sports
To ride the waves to shore without a surfboard.

bod′y·surf′er n.
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He even took time to leap into the crowd to bodysurf.
Bodysurf or float in a tube to get the most from this wet and wild lake.
Le surf regroupe plusieurs disciplines : bodyboard, longboard, kneeboard, skimboard, bodysurf, paddlebord, surfing canoE1/2, surf tracte et stand up paddle.
Friends invited me to reef dive Eilat's crystal clear Red Sea and bodysurf Caesarea's Roman aqueduct-framed beach.
It's a place where we can snorkel for hours, drink endless pifia coladas, bodysurf, learn how to do Cirque du Sdeil-style acrobatics, eat any hour of the day, go sailing, hear comedians and live bands, and then take a siesta on the hammocks near our room--all without having to whip out a credit card, make reservations, take a bus someplace, or worry about things like time, money, and supplies.
In 1979, Norman Mailer had his wish for a "stick of the finest marijuana" declined, but current presenter Kirsty Young was happy to allow actress Kathy Burke a life-size laminated photograph of James Caan from Dragons' Den, on which she planned to bodysurf.
I then moved back to the beach in San Diego, where I built a career as a freelance journalist, while also finding time to bodysurf.
At the beach towns of Maroochydore and Noosa Heads we took the chance to soak up some sun and bodysurf on the golden beaches.
He had a wonderful sense of humor and loved to bodysurf. Plus, he had no cavities!
Kids bodysurf and play putt-putt; they walk down to the inlet with a bucket of fish heads for crabbing.
I love to bodysurf, particularly when the water's cold; it really grounds me and wakes me up at the same time.
Step in to see unique acts Bodysurf Scotland, Universal Hall, Findhorn, Moray, April 13 FOR the past decade, Bodysurf Scotland have drawn thousands of people together to share their enthusiasm and fascination for dance and movement.