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intr.v. bod·y·surfed, bod·y·surf·ing, bod·y·surfs Sports
To ride the waves to shore without a surfboard.

bod′y·surf′er n.
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We even bodysurfed at Waimea Bay, AVE and the kids taking turns surfing on a styrofoam hunk of shit called The Beater while the rest of us struggled to keep the Pacific out of our lungs.
Although I bodysurfed Panics a lot then, I never saw a shark.
He arrived looking like a psychedelic time-traveller, we played him our songs and he bodysurfed imaginary musical 'waves'.
Concertgoers also sang along with Bryan Adams, jumped and bodysurfed to A Simple Plan and heard local favourite Bruce Cockburn pull out his catalogue of hits
They bodysurfed in the waves as 40-year-old Fatboy real name Norman Cook took time off from his set.
The other boys treaded water for awhile, then when a wave came in, they bodysurfed it back to shore.