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intr.v. bod·y·surfed, bod·y·surf·ing, bod·y·surfs Sports
To ride the waves to shore without a surfboard.

bod′y·surf′er n.
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Drewe, R 1983, The bodysurfers, Penguin, Camberwell, Victoria.
The scene on the beach is only slightly less raucous than the one in the water, hundreds of onlookers hooting at the prowess, and wipeouts, of the world's best bodysurfers. Wise mortals wait for calmer days and bodysurf the more forgiving waves on the beaches near the Newport Pier.
Unless it was a crazy big twelve-foot day then you saw a handful of guys, excellent bodysurfers and crazy guys.
Sandys still puts plenty of good bodysurfers into the hospital.
Pretty soon Lester Ho and most of the other bodysurfers paddled away.
These areas are also attractive to people who want to body-surf; but seldom are surfboarders and bodysurfers able to share the same area without incident.
Moshpits erupted all over the place - many of the younger members were forced to seek sanctuary at the back of the Academy - and a tidal wave of bodysurfers ensured the security staff had their arms full all night.
Bodysurfers ride the big waves without surfboards, wearing fins on their arms but little else other than a pair of Speedos.
Tuck into the grilled seafood platter while you watch the bodysurfers riding waves.
In summer, the crashing waves calm down to make the water welcoming for beginning bodysurfers. The three-hour drive from the touristed southern shore keeps crowds at bay.
The gentle surf gives bodysurfers an occasional ride but is kind to swimmers and leisurely snorkelers as well.
Nearby Sandy Beach is favored by experienced local bodysurfers who know when (and how) to turn into a wave.