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intr.v. bod·y·surfed, bod·y·surf·ing, bod·y·surfs Sports
To ride the waves to shore without a surfboard.

bod′y·surf′er n.
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CREST OF WAVE: Cameron bodysurfs to the beach; IN THE SWIM: Cam stretches to catch a wave and, left, a little bikini bother; BIG SMILE: On beach Pictures: TROY/OWEN BEINY/WENN
But consider this: Cunningham regularly bodysurfs Pipeline, a feat that many think makes him the best bodysurfer in the world.
Step in to see unique acts Bodysurf Scotland, Universal Hall, Findhorn, Moray, April 13 FOR the past decade, Bodysurf Scotland have drawn thousands of people together to share their enthusiasm and fascination for dance and movement.