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1. The metal or plastic external structure of a motor vehicle.
2. The act or process of repairing the bodies of motor vehicles.
3. The application of therapeutic methods, especially massage and often stretching and relaxation exercises, to promote physical health and emotional well-being.

bod′y·work′er n.


1. (Automotive Engineering) the external shell of a motor vehicle
2. (Medicine) any form of therapy in which parts of the body are manipulated, such as massage


(ˈbɒd iˌwɜrk)

the work of making or repairing automobile or other vehicle bodies.
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Noun1.bodywork - the exterior body of a motor vehicle
body - the external structure of a vehicle; "the body of the car was badly rusted"
automotive vehicle, motor vehicle - a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does not run on rails
2.bodywork - the work of making or repairing vehicle bodies
manual labor, manual labour - labor done with the hands
جِسْمُ السيّارَه
yfirbygging bifreiîar


[ˈbɒdɪwɜːk] N (Aut) → carrocería f


[ˈbɒdiwɜːrk] n [vehicle] → carrosserie f


[ˈbɒdɪˌwɜːk] n (Aut) → carrozzeria


(ˈbodi) plural ˈbodies noun
1. the whole frame of a man or animal including the bones and flesh. Athletes have to look after their bodies.
2. a dead person. The battlefield was covered with bodies.
3. the main part of anything. the body of the hall.
4. a mass. a huge body of evidence.
5. a group of persons acting as one. professional bodies.
ˈbodily adjective
of the body. bodily needs.
by the entire (physical) body. They lifted him bodily and carried him off.
ˈbodyguard noun
a guard or guards to protect (especially an important person). the president's bodyguard.
ˈbody language noun
body movements, facial expressions etc that show what a person (really) feels or thinks.
ˈbodywork noun
the outer casing of a car etc. The bodywork of his new car has rusted already.


n trabajo corporal
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Contract notice: 19 serv 15 - framework agreement with order forms for bodywork and paint services for the light and commercial vehicles of the mtropole tpm
After years of providing personal training and health services in people's homes, Jessica Nowak's Evolution Bodywork is transitioning into a studio space within F.I.T.
A complete system of bodywork not offered in any other institution, our hands-on CPE courses will take your therapeutic bodywork deeper than traditional injury therapy moving beyond your initial training.
However, in the process he had lost part of his bodywork after clipping one of the tyre markers.
The Thompson Method of Bodywork presents techniques developed by co-author Cathy Thompson during her years as a bodywork therapist, and blends Zen shiatsu, rolfing, yoga, and psychotherapy to address the kinds of emotional blockages that often lead to chronic pain, tension, and other physical issues.
LIt will be all electric, self-driving, generate its own power and have selfrepairing carbon fibre bodywork. Sounds great but unfortunately the technology to build it has not been developed yet.
A CAR has been left with holes in its window and bodywork after being shot at by an air rifle in Yarm.
Bodywork is a DJ and promoter collective based in the wonderful world of Bristol.
It includes coachbuilding and bodywork designs and terms from France, Italy, the US, the UK, and Germany, with information on their origins and history, key period, variations, language variations, and some illustrations.
The stunning bodywork isn't merely an exercise in automotive art, it's sculpted around the machine's need for down-force, cooling, balance and grip.
It's fluid, sculptured bodywork is pleasing to the eye and vehicle customisation is provided with different paint options including solid, metallic or pearlescent finishes.
The Aygo x-cite features blue metallic bodywork with gloss black custom features, 15-inch twin-spoke alloy wheels, door mirror casings, front X, front pillar extensions and rear bumper inserts.