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 (bā′mīt′, bō′-)
A white to dark reddish-brown orthorhombic mineral, AlO(OH), present in bauxite.

[German Böhmit, after J. Böhm (1858-1930), German scientist.]
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(Minerals) a grey, red, or brown mineral that consists of alumina in rhombic crystalline form and occurs in bauxite. Formula: AlO(OH)
[C20: from German Böhmit, after J. Böhm, 20th-century German scientist]
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(ˈbeɪ maɪt, ˈboʊ-)

a mineral, hydrous aluminum oxide, AlO(OH), a major component of bauxite.
[1925–30; < German Böhmit, after J. Böhm, 20th-century German scientist; see -ite1]
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As a reference, pure magnesium aluminate Mg[Al.sub.2][O.sub.4] spinel was prepared using commercially available powders of MgO and boehmite (aluminium oxide hydroxide, AlO(OH)), average grain size < 0.77 [micro]m.
There are three main bauxites types -- boehmite, gibbsite and diaspore, -- which each differ in chemical and physical characteristics, and each have predominance in certain regions of the world.
PLA has been compounded with ammonium polyphosphate, boehmite, clays, halloysite, talc, silica, and graphite and the resulting materials were characterized to have better thermal, mechanical, and fire resistance performance [6, 9, 11, 28-38], For instance, PLA was reported as flammable and burning with intense dripping during combustion; however, the incorporation of clay and/or expanded graphite rendered PLA composites fire resistant [6, 9], In another study, Kimura and Horikoshi [23] reported that the developed PLA-based flame-resistant housings for notebook computers showed optimal physical and flammability properties.
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Their main component is the [gamma]-phase of an alumina boehmite line (Figure 1(a)).
In a previous study, Katakura and Koide [10] reported that the treatment of boehmite, AlO(OH), with HQ in boiling water produces either [alpha]-[Alq.sub.3] or [gamma]-[Alq.sub.3] depending on whether the reaction is allowed to continue for 1h or 90 h, respectively.
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