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boff 1

n. Slang
1. A line in a play or film, for example, that elicits a big laugh: "He doesn't go for the big boffs, artificially inflated, but lets his comedy build through a leisurely accumulation of bizarre details" (Vincent Canby).
2. A big laugh.
3. A conspicuous success. Also called boffo, boffola.

[Probably from b(ox) off(ice).]

boff 2

 (bŏf) Vulgar Slang
v. boffed, boff·ing, boffs
To have sexual intercourse with.
To engage in sexual intercourse.

[From boff, to hit, variant of buff, from Middle English buffe, a blow, from Old French, of imitative origin.]


informal short for boffin



n. Slang. n.
1. Theat.
a. a box-office hit.
b. a joke or humorous line producing hearty laughter.
2. a loud hearty laugh; belly laugh.
3. something very successful; a hit.
[1945–50; compare boffo]
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Slang. A dazzling, often sudden instance of success:
Slang: boffo, boffola.
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She boffed Dev - mum Deirdre's sloppy seconds - then moved on to Wally for his money (durr, which he didn't have) and knocked off Steve McDonald.
To his credit, the recently divorced Newt was attending the event with two boy lackeys, and not the thirty-something staffer he boffed all those years while he was restoring moral values to this great nation.
You'll even get to see Mirren being lead around on a leash and boffed doggy-style in the imperial den of iniquity.