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n. Slang
See boff1.

[From boff.]


slang US a particularly funny joke



n. Slang. n.
1. Theat.
a. a box-office hit.
b. a joke or humorous line producing hearty laughter.
2. a loud hearty laugh; belly laugh.
3. something very successful; a hit.
[1945–50; compare boffo]
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Slang. A dazzling, often sudden instance of success:
Slang: boff, boffo.
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He deals sideswipes at Johnny Carson and the current expensively scripted boffola guys on the late-night, laugh-now revelry who have managed to gain media ascendancy, bringing with them a mishmash of one-liners.
Gardner strikes just the right balance between loving and rueful, sweet and bitter, for another boffola box-office hit in the tradition of such other memoirs of powerful, oddball parents as I Remember Mama or Life With Father, and it is surely destined for a long post-Broadway existence in regional theaters and summer stock.