bog bilberry

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Noun1.bog bilberry - an evergreen shrub with leathery leavesbog bilberry - an evergreen shrub with leathery leaves
blueberry, blueberry bush - any of numerous shrubs of the genus Vaccinium bearing blueberries
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Intermediate forage was defined as vegetation types with bilberry Vaccinium myrtillus, and low forbs and grasses, whereas poor forage vegetation types were dominated by bog bilberry Vaccinium uliginosum, various mosses and lichens.
Good forage plots are mainly covered with tall forbs and ferns, intermediate forage plots with bilberry, whereas poor forage plots are mainly covered with bog bilberry and other poor quality plants.
Due to occasional very high abundance of dwarf shrubs (bilberry, heather, bog bilberry Vaccinium uliginosum and cowberry Vaccinium vitisidaea) within a plot, measurements were carried out within a 50 x 50 cm frame placed over the closest dwarf shrub to the centre of the plot.