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A hobgoblin; a bogey.

[Scots bogill, perhaps ultimately from Welsh bwg, ghost, hobgoblin.]


(ˈbəʊɡəl; ˈbɒɡ-)
1. a dialect or archaic word for bogey11
2. (Agriculture) Scot a scarecrow
[C16: from Scottish bogill, perhaps from Gaelic; compare Welsh bygel; see bug2]


(Dancing) a rhythmic dance, originating in the early 1990s, performed to ragga music
(Dancing) (intr) to perform such a dance


(ˈboʊ gəl, ˈbɒg əl)

also boggle

a bogy; specter.
[1495–1505; bog (variant of obsolete bug bogy, Middle English bugge scarecrow, demon + -le]
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A supernatural being, such as a ghost:
Informal: spook.
Regional: haunt.
References in classic literature ?
At the cashier's desk sits Bogle, cold, sordid, slow, smouldering, and takes your money.
From your account," said he, "I'm thinking it was a bogle.
It was in this state that Master Tom lay at half-past seven on the morning following the day of his arrival, and from his clean little white bed watched the movements of Bogle (the generic name by which the successive shoeblacks of the School-house were known), as he marched round from bed to bed, collecting the dirty shoes and boots, and depositing clean ones in their places.
The noise of the room- door closing behind Bogle, as he made his exit with the shoebasket under his arm, roused him thoroughly, and he sat up in bed and looked round the room.
These bans an' wafts an' boh-ghosts an' bar-guests an' bogles an' all anent them is only fit to set bairns an' dizzy women a'belderin'.
OMAR Bogle attempted to apologise for his red card shame by sending Neil Warnock a "grovelling" text.
READING V CARDIFF CITY TOMORROW, 8PM MADEJSKI STADIUM OMAR Bogle attempted to apologise for his red card shame by sending Neil Warnock a "grovelling" text.
OMAR BOGLE is determined to fan the flames of Cardiff City's promotion push to keep alive his burning desire to make the Premier League.
OMAR Bogle and Lee Tomlin both sparked a stunning second-half comeback for Cardiff City against Norwich City on Friday night.
CARDIFF CITY 3 NORWICH 1 Ralls (pen) 49, Hoilett 63, Bogle 81 Stiepermann 43
In an interview with Morningstar's Christine Benz, its director of personal finance, Bogle said of Vanguard, "the economies of scale just can't keep going on much longer.
In total, Paul Bogle is alleged to have forced staff to hand over more than PS8,000 in cash from the tills.