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a. A native or inhabitant of Bohemia.
b. A person of Bohemian ancestry.
2. The Czech dialects of Bohemia.
a. Archaic A Romani person.
b. An itinerant person; a vagabond.

[Sense 3, translation of French bohémien; see bohemian.]


A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior.

[French bohémien, from Bohême, Bohemia (from the unconventional lifestyle of the Romani people, erroneously supposed to have come from there).]

bo·he′mi·an adj.
bo·he′mi·an·ism n.


1. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Bohemia, esp of the old kingdom of Bohemia; a Czech
2. (often not capital) a person, esp an artist or writer, who lives an unconventional life
3. (Languages) the Czech language
4. of, relating to, or characteristic of Bohemia, its people, or their language
5. unconventional in appearance, behaviour, etc


(boʊˈhi mi ən)

1. a native or inhabitant of Bohemia.
2. (esp. formerly) Czech (def. 1).
3. (usu. l.c.) a person who lives and acts without regard for conventional rules and practices.
4. (formerly) Czech (def. 2).
5. Archaic. Gypsy (def. 1).
6. of or pertaining to Bohemia or its inhabitants.
7. (usu. l.c.) pertaining to or characteristic of a bohemian.
Bo•he′mi•an•ism, n.
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Noun1.Bohemian - a member of a people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and who traditionally live by seasonal work and fortunetellingBohemian - a member of a people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and who traditionally live by seasonal work and fortunetelling; they are believed to have originated in northern India but now are living on all continents (but mostly in Europe, North Africa, and North America)
Indian - a native or inhabitant of India
gitana - a Spanish female Gypsy
gitano - a Spanish male Gypsy
2.Bohemian - a native or inhabitant of Bohemia in the Czech Republic
Czech Republic - a landlocked republic in central Europe; separated from Slovakia in 1993
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe
3.bohemian - a nonconformist writer or artist who lives an unconventional life
recusant, nonconformist - someone who refuses to conform to established standards of conduct
Adj.1.Bohemian - of or relating to Bohemia or its language or people
2.bohemian - unconventional in especially appearance and behavior; "a bohemian life style"
unconventional - not conforming to accepted rules or standards; "her unconventional dress and hair style"


1. (often not cap.) unconventional, alternative, artistic, exotic, way-out (informal), eccentric, avant-garde, off-the-wall (slang), unorthodox, arty (informal), oddball (informal), offbeat, left bank, nonconformist, outré, out there (slang), boho bohemian pre-war poets
unconventional conservative, square (informal), conventional, bourgeois, stuffy, straight (slang), straight-laced, Pooterish
1. (often not cap.) nonconformist, rebel, radical, eccentric, maverick, hippy, dropout, individualist, beatnik, iconoclast, boho I am a bohemian. I have no roots.


A. ADJ (Geog, fig) → bohemio
B. N (Geog, fig) → bohemio/a m/f


adj (= from Bohemia) → bohémien(ne)
n (= person from Bohemia) → Bohémien(ne) m/f


adj (= unconventional) [writer, society] → bohème
bohemian life → la vie de bohème
n (= unconventional person) → bohème mf


Böhme m, → Böhmin f
(fig) bohemianBohemien m
(fig) bohemian (lifestyle)unkonventionell, unbürgerlich; circles, quarterKünstler-


1. adj (Geog) → boemo/a; (artist, life) → bohémien
2. n (Geog) → boemo/a; (artist, writer) → bohémien m inv
References in classic literature ?
"Great heavens!" I ejaculated, and, springing up, found myself face to face with a well-known painter whom you would have thought the most Bohemian fellow in London.
During that burning day when we were crossing Iowa, our talk kept returning to a central figure, a Bohemian girl whom we had known long ago and whom both of us admired.
NOTES: [1] The Bohemian name Antonia is strongly accented on the first syllable, like the English name Anthony, and the `i' is, of course, given the sound of long `e'.
I was born a Bohemian, and a Bohemian I shall die."
It was also noticed that his horror for Bohemian women and gypsies had seemed to redouble for some time past.
I remember, when my first book was published, several Alaskans, who were members of the Bohemian Club, entertained me one evening at the club in San Francisco.
A few more bewildered moments brought out a big fair-bearded man, whom some travellers could salute as the dead man's secretary, Patrick Royce, once well known in Bohemian society and even famous in the Bohemian arts.
What Mills had learned represented him as a young gentleman who had arrived furnished with proper credentials and who apparently was doing his best to waste his life in an eccentric fashion, with a bohemian set(one poet, at least, emerged out of it later) on one side, and on the other making friends with the people of the Old Town, pilots, coasters, sailors, workers of all sorts.
It was not one of the more crowded of those cheap restaurants where the respectable and needy dine in the belief that it is bohemian and the assurance that it is economical.
If Kutuzov decided to abandon the road connecting him with the troops arriving from Russia, he would have to march with no road into unknown parts of the Bohemian mountains, defending himself against superior forces of the enemy and abandoning all hope of a junction with Buxhowden.
One evening a half-dozen men of whom I was one were sitting in the library of the Bohemian Club in San Francisco.