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 (bō′kā, -kĕ)
The effect of blurriness in the areas of an image that fall outside a photograph's depth of field.

[Japanese boke, blur, blurring (as a technique of traditional Japanese ink wash painting), verbal noun of bokeru, to be senile or muddle-headed, be hazy or blurry, fade, from alteration (with pejorative voiced b for voiceless h) of Old Japanese hoku, hoke-, to be lost in thought, absent-minded, vague.]
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Shoot more stunning creations by playing around with the night mode (for incredibly low-light conditions), real-time bokeh video (for artistic blur effects), and machine-learning AI HDR features (for auto-selecting the proper lens based on what you're taking a photo of).
Talking about beauty, you can also take beautiful bokeh shots with the TECNO Phantom 9.
The perfect portrait lens with a sharp and clear focal plane and natural bokeh that emphasizes the subject
Fujifilm also released new 'Premista' series of cinema zoom lenses with support for large-format sensors delivering high resolution, bokeh, and rich gradation with HDR.
With a 100 percent boost in AI performance, it also brings 30 percent improvement AI-assisted camera tasks including scene recognition, scene detection, and application of bokeh effects.
It also says that the processor offers up to 30 percent faster performance versus direct competitor SoCs in AI-camera tasks such as object recognition (Google Lens), Smart Photo Album, scene detection and segmentation with background removal, and single or dual camera Bokeh shots.
Aside from the super-wide angle shot, the Vivo Y15 also offers the following scene modes: PPT, Professional, PDAF, Palm Capture, Voice Control, Time-Lapse, Slow, Live Photos, HDR, Portrait Mode, Panorama, Portrait Bokeh (single front camera), Watermark, AI Face Beauty, and Camera Filter.
Available through the Galaxy S10+'s RGB depth front camera, or through the Galaxy S10's front dual pixel UHD selfie camera, new Artistic Live Focus modes -- such as spin bokeh, zoom bokeh, as well as color point and blur -- allow you to take truly festive and artistic portrait shots of family and friends this Ramadan.
Summary: The camera effect, Lantern, features subtle bokeh and crescent shapes inspired by the ornamental Arabesque design style.
It blurs all objects behind the subject for a stunning bokeh effect, ensuring that the focus subject is the solo highlight in background and foreground.
The Huawei Time of Flight Camera is designed to measure depth of field allowing multi-level Bokeh effects, producing portraits with beautifully blurred backgrounds and sharp subjects in the foreground.