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 (bō′lə) also bo·las (-ləs)
A rope with weights attached, used especially in South America to catch cattle or game by entangling their legs.

[From American Spanish bolas, pl. of Spanish bola, ball, probably from Latin bulla.]


(ˈboʊ lə)

n., pl. -las (-ləz).
1. Also, bolas. a strong cord with a heavy ball secured to each end, used esp. by gauchos for throwing at and entangling the legs of cattle and other animals.
2. Also called bo′la tie`. bolo tie.
[1835–45; < Sp: ball < Old Provençal < Latin bulla knob]
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Polanco -- Lazo and Bolas -- Partridges -- Absence of Trees -- Deer -- Capybara, or River Hog -- Tucutuco -- Molothrus, cuckoo-like habits -- Tyrant- flycatcher -- Mocking-bird -- Carrion Hawks -- Tubes formed by Lightning -- House struck.
The main difficulty in using either lazo or bolas is to ride so well as to be able at full speed, and while suddenly turning about, to whirl them so steadily round the head, as to take aim: on foot any person would soon learn the art.
In this country nobody goes on foot, and the deer knows man as its enemy only when he is mounted and armed with the bolas.
Just before the time to wither begins," he said airily, "you say to them Fairy me bola.
Fairy me bola means "Turn me back again," and David's discovery made me uncomfortable, for I knew he had hitherto kept his distance of the fairies mainly because of a feeling that their conversions are permanent.
Put on your frock coat, so that you can go straight to call on Countess Bola.
Esas bolas o esas masas no son exclusivas de la violencia, sino tambien se dan en la paz; y, en ambos casos, toman lo peor de sus circunstancias.
Em contra partida o indice de transferencias diretas de bola, que caracterizam as disputas de primeiras e segundas bolas sejam com cabeceio, lancamentos ou qualquer outra forma, que na primeira fase eram de uma media total 23,5.
Sin embargo, en ninguno de ellos la recarga de bolas aparece como item de interes, lo que constituye un punto de vista no muy conveniente para la ingenieria del proceso de molienda.
The new president of the Irish Dental Association, Dr Andrew Bolas, said some kids have been waiting for five years.
Assim, passagens sucessivas de graos abrasivos repetem ciclicamente esses deslocamentos, levando a remocao do material por fadiga de baixo ciclo, configurando um modelo da interacao entre os graos de quartzo e o material constituinte das bolas.