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 (bōld′fās′) Printing
Abbr. bf Type with thick heavy lines.
Typeset or printed in thick heavy type.
tr.v. bold·faced, bold·fac·ing, bold·fac·es
1. To mark (copy) for printing in this type.
2. To set or print in this type.
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type or print that has thick, heavy lines, used for emphasis, headings, etc. This is a sample of boldface.
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Noun1.boldface - a typeface with thick heavy linesboldface - a typeface with thick heavy lines  
font, fount, typeface, face, case - a specific size and style of type within a type family
Verb1.boldface - print in boldface
print, impress - reproduce by printing
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n(halb)fette Schrift
adj(halb)fett; in boldface type(halb)fett, in (halb)fetter Schrift
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The lady in question, whose rooted conviction that she was more than a match for any foreigner, was not to be shaken by distress and, danger, appeared with folded arms, and observed in English to The Vengeance, whom her eyes first encountered, "Well, I am sure, Boldface! I hope YOU are pretty well!" She also bestowed a British cough on Madame Defarge; but, neither of the two took much heed of her.
The "Boldface" Factor: The most commonly used "quick check" criterion for determining whether a player is Hall of Fame caliber is to check his record at for boldfaced numbers, which denote he led his league in that stat.
Songs are presented in the four-line format that is standard for collections of this ilk: the text in boldface as the second line, with the IPA transcription above, and the literal and poetic translations below.
The basic listing is free, and a $149 enhanced upgrade is also offered which includes your company logo as well as the listing appearing in boldface with a color background.
The gallery quickly became a destination for collectors looking to buy contemporary and modern Brazilian design, featuring pieces by Oscar Niemeyer, Joaquim Tenreiro, Lina Bo Bardi, and other boldface names.
A few of the boldface names in attendance: two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin, former World Series Champion pitcher Tom Neidenfuer and his wife (actress Judy Landers), former Super Bowl Coach Jon Gruden and, of course, Dickie V himself, who proclaimed himself "overwhelmed" by the generosity on display.
With markdown formatting, users can add italics, boldface or clickable links to entries.TeuxDeux is browser-based, but an iOS app makes it easy to use on the go.
Conversely, there are two safety focuses within the F/A-18 community that differ from my experiences in the F-15E: boldface and fuel awareness.
* AUSTRALIA: Boldface Group, Inc., a celebrity beauty licensing company, has secured a contract with Australian distributor Cosmetics Cubed, which will bring Kardashian Beauty brand into Mecca Maxima and KIT Stores in Australia and New Zealand.
Beauty company BOLDFACE Group Inc (OTC BB:BLBK) said on Monday that it will be introducing its Kardashian Beauty brand into Mecca Maxima ad KIT Stores in Australia and New Zealand through an agreement with Cosmetics Cubed led by beauty industry visionary Jo Horgan.
Names in boldface are staff members, consultants, or those seconded from partner organizations.
based Boldface Licensing and Branding, will be allowed to sell out its existing products under the Khroma name.