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 (bōld′fās′) Printing
Abbr. bf Type with thick heavy lines.
Typeset or printed in thick heavy type.
tr.v. bold·faced, bold·fac·ing, bold·fac·es
1. To mark (copy) for printing in this type.
2. To set or print in this type.
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The "Boldface" Factor: The most commonly used "quick check" criterion for determining whether a player is Hall of Fame caliber is to check his record at for boldfaced numbers, which denote he led his league in that stat.
Tomiko Brown-Nagin, looks at the contributions of the people who fought for equality alongside the more boldfaced names.
In the last few weeks, comedian Joan Rivers put her East Side townhouse up for sale with an asking price of $25 million, 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin reportedly toured the Apthorp on the Upper West Side and Pretty Woman actress Julia Roberts inked a deal to rent at One Morton Square while in town filming "Eat, Pray, Love." And, they are only a few of the boldfaced names who have bought, sold and rented apartments recently.