bolo tie

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bolo tie
bolo tie secured with a turquoise and sterling silver clasp

bolo tie

also bola tie
A necktie consisting of a piece of cord fastened with an ornamental bar or clasp.

[Alteration of bola + tie.]
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bo′lo tie`

a necktie of thin cord fastened in front with an ornamental clasp or other device.
[1960–65; bolo, appar. alter. of bola, after the tie's resemblance to the bola used by gauchos]
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Noun1.bolo tie - a cord fastened around the neck with an ornamental clasp and worn as a necktie
necktie, tie - neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men) under a collar and tied in knot at the front; "he stood in front of the mirror tightening his necktie"; "he wore a vest and tie"
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The bolo tie is completely different compared to common neck ties.
The week's activities included a presentation on John Wayne, Wild West Bingo, a bolo tie making craft, the opportunity to ride horses at The Hanson Center and a presentation on Western artists Georgia O'Keeffe and Frederic Remington.
On Tuesday, he attended the event wearing a cowboy hat, a bolo tie, a white polo and a pair of pants accented by a cowboy belt with a gold and silver buckle.
Did you know a salami rope can make a fetching bolo tie?"
A version worn by men, known as a bolo tie, is frequently worn as part of Native American western apparel in place of a conventional necktie.
In his office, the gallerist in Lincoln showed me a Bolo tie he was given by the artist, with a totally convincing ceramic art eraser, worn corners and all, as its moveable closure.
(Last year, I was nearly turned away from one gala screening for wearing a straight tie instead of a bow tie; fortunately, multiple bow-tie sellers line the Palais steps for just such emergencies.) Meanwhile, I have only recently returned from Austin's SXSW festival, where one would feel overdressed in a bolo tie, and where the only "protocol" seems to be a high amount of alcohol consumption in the various downtown watering holes.
Here's a scientist wearing a bolo tie featuring a ladybug the size of a tennis ball.
Lawmakers in the Grand Canyon State already have some official items: the bolo tie (neckwear), the Apache trout (fish), the Arizona Tree Frog (amphibian) and the Colt single-action Army revolver (firearm).
Recently, I started reading up on toxic mold dementia after a Florida judge berated me for about five minutes for wearing a bolo tie in his courtroom.
We shot it just the other day, and it features me in a cowboy hat and bolo tie asking Texas Gov.