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(ˈbɒlʃɪ) or sometimes capital


1. difficult to manage; rebellious
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) politically radical or left-wing
n, pl -shies
derogatory any political radical
[C20: shortened from Bolshevik]


or Bol•shy

(ˈboʊl ʃi, ˈbɒl-)

n., pl. -shies. Slang.
(often l.c.) Bolshevik.
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Noun1.Bolshie - emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionariesbolshie - emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries
radical - a person who has radical ideas or opinions


bolshy [ˈbɒlʃɪ] (Brit)
A. N (Pol) → bolchevique mf
B. ADJ (Pol) → bolchevique (fig) → rebelde, protestón


, bolshy (inf)
nBolschewik m
adj (+er)
(Brit fig: = uncooperative) → stur; (= aggressive)pampig (inf), → rotzig (inf)
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Robert Bowman puts in a brilliantly bolshie performance as "love god" Bernie.
Most famously, there were gags about a bolshie gay bloke who was desperate to be persecuted for being 'the only gay in the village'.
The sitcom arrives on our screens almost a decade after Popworld's very first outing in which Amstell defied critics with bolshie schoolgirl Miquita Oliver, and changed the face of telly as we knew it.
Bolshie doctors won't be a problem when their surgeries are deemed too small to continue.
They're strong, single-minded, a bit Bolshie to be honest, typical Welsh women," she says, including those among her own and her late mum's characteristics.
Liverpool-born Cherie, 51, said: "My husband always says - and heaven forbid he ever disagrees with me - that I'm a bolshie Scouser," said Cherie.
VICTOR: Reckoned to be far too bolshie and full of himself to appeal to viewers
Heartbroken Carmen Pieraccini, 24, who will play bolshie brunette Kelly-Marie Adams, said: "I know my mum would be really proud of me.
The bolshie copywriter does have an online column, and it relates to the subjects covered in the week's TV episode.
I was Bolshie even then, when we discovered that a rival newsagent was paying a 'tanner' (two and a half pence) more a week for the same thing.
Bold and bolshie, brash, cunning and cautious Whilst craftily creeping on bloated belly to the raucous Blackbird greedily feeding on the worm-holed lawn.
LDV did not collapse because of lamentable management or bolshie workforce or even that curse of British industry, a failure to invest in new product.