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(ˈbɒlʃɪ) or sometimes capital


1. difficult to manage; rebellious
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) politically radical or left-wing
n, pl -shies
derogatory any political radical
[C20: shortened from Bolshevik]
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or Bol•shy

(ˈboʊl ʃi, ˈbɒl-)

n., pl. -shies. Slang.
(often l.c.) Bolshevik.
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Noun1.Bolshie - emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionariesbolshie - emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries
radical - a person who has radical ideas or opinions
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bolshy [ˈbɒlʃɪ] (Brit)
A. N (Pol) → bolchevique mf
B. ADJ (Pol) → bolchevique (fig) → rebelde, protestón
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, bolshy (inf)
nBolschewik m
adj (+er)
(Brit fig: = uncooperative) → stur; (= aggressive)pampig (inf), → rotzig (inf)
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They were no doubt praying my teenage bolshiness was enough to keep me out of the clutches of questionable men and drug dealers.
And that conjured up whisky, bolshiness, attitude, not caring who's watching, doing what they like.
In Britain, in particular, this measure brought out the endemic bolshiness in the British character, with the result that otherwise law-abiding citizens enlisted in "bin wars" to resist what they saw as petty governmental interference in their daily lives.
And so, this morning, with uncharacteristic bolshiness, Petrocelli galloped around his field before rounding nicely and sailing clean over not one but two fences and was quickly apprehended.
As I listened to all the grumbling going on around me, I couldn't help but wonder what impact all this initial bolshiness would have on the processes of justice.
There is also, maybe, a certain bolshiness and channelled aggression in such cities as Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast.
Firstly, Channel 5's Jailbreak where she managed to win a prize of pounds 20,000 and more recently, ITV1's Survivor, where Barry-based JJ ruffled a few feathers with her bolshiness before being voted off the island by her disgruntled fellow-competitors.
Bands may come and go but some have the guts, the resolve or the sheer bolshiness to stay the distance.
The result is belligerent bolshiness, Lennon invocations, Primals do Stones riffs (Wall Of Glass), Wonderwall pastiche (Bold) and Greedy Soul - possibly the most risible lyric you will hear all year.
It's hardly a Hollywood calling card but Press, conveying a subtle mix of bolshiness and fragility, confirms her status as one of Britain's most underrated THE talents.
His bolshiness, however, rubbed the Dragons up the wrong way.
Explaining how Its Wallace Jnr was named, she added: "They are both by Bedford, and when he was born he soon showed a lot of the stubbornness and bolshiness that are It's Wallace's traits."